EMALIT EVOLUTION is a tempered glass made opaque by enamel-coating one side of the glass.
SERALIT EVOLUTION is a screenprinted glass coated with coloured mineral enamel which can be opaque or translucent.



The aesthetic and technical features of EMALIT EVOLUTION and SERALIT EVOLUTION are perfectly-suited for a multitude of applications.
Their colour-range, durability and safety features make them the obvious material of choice for all façades as well as the interior design of residential and commercial buildings. EMALIT EVOLUTION and SERALIT EVOLUTION may also be integrated into individual applications.
EMALIT EVOLUTION is used as a coating in the following applications:
  • façades, frontages or opaque spandrel single and double glazing or embedded in a sandwich panel;
  • interior décor, wall claddings, etc.
SERALIT EVOLUTION is used mainly:
  • in façades and frontages: embedded in double glazing, it reduces the solar factor. The spandrels in EMALIT DESIGN can be perfectly aligned with clear-view glazing displaying the same pattern;
  • street furniture: hard-wearing and protected, a perfect match for urban street furniture, advertising and notice boards and acoustic walls;
  • interior décor doors, partitions, etc. SERALIT EVOLUTION is a decorative glass letting daylight in while protecting privacy.



  • More environmentally-friendly
  • Exceptional durability and safety
  • EMALIT EVOLUTION façades of full colour
  • SERALIT EVOLUTION design and functionality



Thickness (mm) Dimensions max (mm)
4-5 2,200 x 3,600 mm 1,600 x 2,400 mm
6 - 8 - 10 - 12 2,200 x 3,600 1,800 x 3,600 mm

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