Evidence of ongoing innovation at Saint-Gobain Glass, this new mirror combines superior quality with unique environmental performance (no lead is added to the protective paint and the use of solvents is kept to a minimum).

Its high level of performance – offering ease of edgeworking as well as exceptional quality and durability – facilitates processing and helps ensure user comfort.
Using only new glass for production, i.e. PLANICLEAR with increased transparency and a clear, bright shade guarantees pure and vivid colours regardless of the lighting conditions. Additionally, the application of opaque glass expands the possibilities of interior design.


The properties of MIRALITE PURE enhance internal spaces (increased light levels, conviviality, ambience complemented by original designs).
It is ideal for use in the home (bathrooms, hallways, etc.) and in professional settings such a soffices, businesses, hotels, restaurants, sports halls.
Available in different shape to create new dimensions: framed or unframed mirror, wall cladding, item of furniture (table, cupboard door, shelf), signage.


  • Mirror free of lead and solvents
  • Ultra-simple design
  • Awareness of health and the environment


Manufacturing sizes:
DLF: 3210x2000 mm, 3210x2250 mm, 3210x2550 mm, 3210x2750 mm
HDLF: 1605x2000 mm, 1605x2250 mm, 1605x2550 mm, 1605x2750 mm
Tolerance on thicknesses: 3, 4, 5, 6 mm +/- 0,2 mm
Other colors of the base glass (eg. DIAMANT, PARSOL Grey or Bronze) available on request
Thicknesses (mm) 200 x 321 cm 225 x 321 cm 255 x 321 cm 275 x 321 cm
3 x x x  
4 x x x x
5   x x  
6   x x  



Thicknesses (mm) % RL min
3 93
4 92
5 91
6 89
Measurement of reflectance shall be undertaken in accordance with the principle of EN 410, but with the angle of incidence of the light within 8° of normal.


Numerous edgeworking options
MIRALITE PURE is suitable for cutting into all types geometric or non-geometric shapes. It can be drilled and edgeworked (bevel, chamfer, etc.).
MIRALITE PURE can be customised with a logo, a sandblasted design, or engraved on the face opposite the coating.

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