INSPIRATION, the fi rst collection of illuminated LED shower screens by GLASSOLUTIONS, is the result of the union between technology and design.

The selected patterns break the uniformity of the glass. A spa-like atmosphere is evoked by the use of simple patterns that suit all styles of decor.
INSPIRATION is a digital print on DIAMANT extra-clear glass. The profi le integrating the LEDs is designed for a thickness of 8 mm, allowing the light to diffuse perfectly through the glass. The aluminium profi le is designed to house the LEDs with maximum ease of installation and for completely safe use in a wet environment.
The cable runs out of the profi le and connects to the transformer on the outside of the panel.



The INSPIRATION illuminated LED shower screens collection is designed for the bathroom, and more particularly for the hospitality sector, where it complements the DESIRE collection of illuminated mirrors, also created by Fabrice Knoll, offering design harmony.
Illuminated LED shower screens and mirrors are for indoor use only, in compliance with current regulations.


  • The INSPIRATION range of illuminated shower screens gives a feeling of well-deserved pampering and wellness. The designs conjure up a spa feel.
  • The shower screens are easy to install and operate. The LED is pre-fi tted in the aluminium profile. The cables are connected to the transformer outside the shower, in zone 3 of the bathroom or ceiling for hotels.
  • INSPIRATION is certifi ed to EN 14428 for use in shower screens in a wet environment.
  • The range blends seamlessly with interior decor and, more particularly, with the illuminated LED mirrors. Bathroom lighting is more subtle, and wellness is totally preserved, as is intimacy.
  • INSPIRATION range lighting provides a source of light that is soft and subdued in the shower, but also as powerful as ceiling mounted lighting systems.
  • Finally, LEDs boast a 50,000 hour lifespan and ultra-low power consumption. They are a good, eco-friendly alternative to other direct lighting systems.


INSPIRATION pair exclusive designs with an innovative use of LEDs, a GLASSOLUTIONS development. The range consists of 5 stylish and exclusive patterns obtained through digital printing.
All of the patterns were selected for their evocative qualities:
- Pebbles;
- Bubbles;
- Curves;
- Butterflies;
- Geometric.
Their shapes are designed to create a feeling of peace and tranquillity. Depending on their position on the shower screens, they not only create intimate atmospheric lighting with a warm white colour (3,000° K) but can also provide more powerful lighting with a cold white colour (7,000° K). The patterns are obtained by digital printing on glass.
A unique diffusion of light for an enhanced feeling of wellbeing, by GLASSOLUTIONS. The LEDs are arranged in the profile against the edge of the shower screen glass. The light guided by the glass thus delivers an even fl ow of soft-glow lighting.

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