PRIVA-LITE is an active glass which, under the effect of an electric current, switches from translucent to transparent with no alteration of light transmission. Light transmission is almost identical in the transparent and translucent states.


Due to their easily interchangeable states, indoor partitions and outdoor glazed walls integrating PRIVA-LITE solve problems linked to intimacy, confidentiality, structuring of space and security. They also offer communication solutions through the retro projection of images and videos. Potential applications include: homes, hotels, health, services, trade, transporation, signage, television, theater, publicity, art.

Many applications are possible, such as: separation of bedroom and bathrooms or dining room and kitchens, fitting rooms, bathrooms, meeting rooms or consultation rooms, laboratories and security screening stations, stores and museums, displays, publicity façades, street furniture, artwork.



Active glass which switches from translucent to transparent with no alteration of light level.

  • Optimized structuring of space
  • Simple, instantaneous and reversible change of state with no alteration of light level
  • Eco-footprint: low electricity consumption (24 VA/m²)
  • Multiple applications: day/night, vacant/occupied, indoor/outdoor
  • Reliability over time proven through 15 years' experience
  • "Plug & Play" installation
  • An international network of certified installers + the guarantee of Saint-Gobain



PRIVA-LITE can be manufactured in single or double-glazing form with most glasses from the SAINT-GOBAIN GLASS range.

  • Minimum thickness: 7 mm (33.2 or 6.4 mm)
  • Standard thickness: 11 mm (55.2 or 10.8 mm on extra-clear glass)
  • Minimum dimensions: 305 mm x 405 mm
  • Maximum dimensions: 1000 mm x 3000 mm





  • PRIVA-LITE must be glazed by recommended installers who have received specialist training
  • Installers must follow the PRIVA-LITE assembly instructions strictly, in order to maintain the validity of the guarantee
  • Installers must use electricians for the 230 volt wiring

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