Low-e glass for TGU


Nowadays, rising energy prices and climate change are driving the performance of buildings to a new level in terms of energy savings and CO2 reduction. In this context, improving the thermal efficiency of homes is a particular target.

New generation windows are becoming one of the most efficient components in new houses, thanks to excellent thermal insulation when triple glazed now combined to high passive solar gains.

SAINT-GOBAIN GLASS, the most innovative glass manufacturer, has developed very new low-E coated glasses especially dedicated to triple-glazed units for a better living. Enlarge windows for a maximum of day lighting, comfort and energy savings. Bring more space inside. SGG PLANITHERM LUX is a new generation of low-E coatings from SAINT-GOBAIN GLASS dedicated to Triple Glazed Units with the highest energy balance ever reached.

Feel outside when staying inside, this dream comes true! Enjoy the best thermal insulation: Ug = 0.7 W/m²K (Triple glazed unit with two cavities of 14 mm Argon filled using SGG PLANITHERM LUX) and maximize passive solar gains: g = 62% (combining SGG PLANITHERM LUX with clear float glass SGG PLANILUX). This high performance glazing allows you to reshape the habitat.

SGG PLANITHERM LUX is manufactured on SAINT-GOBAIN GLASS’ magnetron coaters.

A unique combination of multiple layers is applied to high quality SGG PLANILUX clear float glass or SGG DIAMANT extra-clear float glass using a magnetically enhanced cathodic sputtering process under vacuum conditions. The resultant thin and extremely transparent coating reflects very effectively long-wave heat radiation (low-E) back into the room, whilst maximising transmittance of natural light and short-wave solar radiation.


With a light transmission of 73% a Triple Glazed Unit using SGG PLANITHERM LUX and clear float glass ensures a high level of day lighting.

This coating is particularly suitable for passive-houses and low energy-houses.


  • Windows                                                            
  • Patio doors, French doors       
  • Other external doors        


  • Structural glazing
  • Curtain walling
  • Façades/Windows



MAXIMUM of energy and CO2 savings:

Reduction of the heating cost thanks to excellent thermal insulation. Less energy spent on heating and so lower CO2 emission. Large areas of glazing can be used whilst maximising energy savings. The solar gain has benefits for both your comfort and wallet!
Conventional heating systems can be reduced and/or become redundant.


MAXIMUM of transparency:

Enjoy natural daylight in every room even during cloudy winter days.


MAXIMUM of comfort:

Glazed areas are warmer, so it is more comfortable near to windows.


MAXIMUM of freedom:

Such a crystal-clear glass meets the needs of architects for a wide variety of applications requiring neutral aesthetics, transparency and optical clarity.



TGU 4+16+4+16+4 mm on SGG PLANILUX


Light transmittance
LT (%)
73 75
Solar factor
0.62 0.67
Shading coefficient
0.72 0.76
External light reflectance
LRe (%)
17 17
Internal light reflectance LRi (%) 17 17
U-Value (EN 673) W/(m².K)  
14 mm Argon 90% 0.8 0.7
10 mm Krypton 92% 0.6 0.6




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