The uniformity etched appearance and silky finish of SATINOVO MATE can be used to create elegant and bright interiors. The very high light transmittance of SATINOVO MATE ensures maximum light while maintaining privacy.



SATINOVO MATE can be used in all domestic and professional areas such as offices, hotels, restaurants, etc. in limitless applications:
  • Doors
  • Balconies
  • Wall panelling
  • Shower and bath screens
  • Fixed and sliding partitions
  • Stair treads and floor panels
  • Windows and façade glazing
  • Furniture (glazed cupboards, kitchen and bathroom furniture, tables, countertops, shelves)


SATINOVO MATE meets the current requirements of the interior design. The glass can be used to create stunning aesthetic effects diffusing light and emitting a certain purity of colour and light.
Thanks to its satin-smooth surface, SATINOVO MATE does not mark with dirt and finger prints for example, as readily as traditional etched and sandblasted glasses.
A low maintenance product, any surface marks that may eventually form are easily removed, facilitating installation and longevity of appearance.



SATINOVO MATE Dimensions (mm) Thicknesses (mm)



3.210 x 2.250
3.210 x 2.550
3.210 x 6.000
3, 4, 5, 6, 8, 10,
12, 15, 19


SATINOVO MATE also exists in tinted substrate (PARSOL).



SATINOVO MATE offers the same benefits of flexible processing and installation, durability and maintenance as ordinary float glass. SATINOVO MATE can be:
  • Laminated,
  • Toughened, curved,
  • Double-glazed
  • Screenprinted
The etched surface should not face the outside of any façade glazing.


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